We left the solar system. Destination: planet Tatooine.

We had an adventurous night. The Marrakech - Ourzazate road was closed, 2 meters of snow gathered in 2 days. After ashort discussion we and the teams we met there decided to ride towards Agadir during the night. In the beginning we traveled on highway (25 kilometers) then a it of a straight road and after that a narrow shitty road to Agadir.

Gyula switched to zombie-gear so we reached the town at around 1:30 AM. We searched for a welcoming petrol station and everyone fell asleep right away. Wake up at 7:30, after a good coffee breating some fresh air (4 degrees Celsius) and a working a bit on personal hygiene we set off for the 320 kilometers for the day towards planet Tatooine.

We made friends all day, we met lots of teams, we also met this year's Csepel team. Reaching Guelmim we delivered a parcel sent for his relatives by Said,our friend from Budapest. Then we continued driving, there's not even a curve until Tan Tan. No Internet on the way too so at least we'll have time to get ready for the evening party held by Bus Number 7 on Planet Tatooine. We open our first keg of Budweiser, cook something delicious for the teams and most importantly do what we delay for 2 days: cut Szabi's hair.

Everyone's fine, really. Peace of mind in the heads and the machine. Gyula heard some noise in last night but most probably it was the the clutch we used heavily (960 km, 20 hours). It happens sometimes but not a major problem.

Go Bamako!!

And some photos from last day:


Good morning!

Filling up the water tank:

Shopping meat:

Red Csepel:


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