Bus number 7 has been hijacked. The weather is not with us.

Our last info is that the bus couldn't get through a pass on the way from Marrakech to Ouarzazate as the road was closed by the police due to heavy snow. That means they couldn't get to yestarday's official camp site to Ait Ben Haddou's famous kasbah and decided to go back and further down on the good roads to Agadir and planned to sleep somewhere around that town.

The destination today is the strange and deserted place once probably a movie set called planet Tatooine. We threw a great party here last year, we hope rally people won't be too tired to party.

We wouldn't mind if the weather got a bit warmer since we'll serve cold draft beer here not grog. At least Karcsi will cook soemthing that will heat up the body and the soul.

It was quite cold after sunset last year so we advise everyone to dress up properly or dance a lot to keep warm.

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