One and a half days

There are bits and pieces of news from the team which I'll forward to all of you. It's simpler since I'm around the computer in Budapest all the time and cheaper too which is an important factor since we generated a 2000 dollar moblie internet bill last year in just 3 days. Eek...

So no mobile internet this year.

The bus arrived to Venice around 20:30 yesterday and as I've heard through the phone the crew was in a very good mood. Well... we've seen that before. And it's such a wonderful thing when you finally set off after months and months of hard work.

The hotel is the same as it was last year, basic but cheap and close to the highway. It worked so we had no reason to switch.

2 things they thougth it was worth to mention:

- Gyula was driving in flip flops
- Peter (alias "Gyula Jr.") was driving in short sleeve T-shirt

Conclusions: either the weather was really gracious for them or the heating worked well... or they drank up half of the hard liquore reserve.

This morning they continued towards France, the destination today is Perpignan. More than 1000 kilometers but we did it last year so I'm sure the new bus won't have any problem with that. In the last reports they sent it was +15 Celsius and bright sunshine.

I'll upload photos when I receive some.

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