Bus Number 7 is in Bamako. Again.

...that's what I say, here from Budapest who oly know that a couple of hours before the guys were on the way to the capital, Bamako. But I suppose they're already there.

That can be the reason why they kept on bugging em to get the exact address of the Hotel Tamana, although I told them to go to the happy district called Hippodrom as the hotel is between the brothel called La Terassa and the Bar Crazy Horse and these two locations are well known by any Bamako male.

I felt the excitement, they traveled on the bus for 2 weeks and since I did this trip with the bus last year I know it's a great achievement.

They excused themselves for not sending any news yesterday but said there was no internet in Diema.. Well, I know exactly how this works - you cross the border from Mauritania to Mali and the first thing you want to do is to drink a bottle of nice cold Flag or Castel... or two. Or more. And news can wait.

I hope they already found the hotel and send some stories and photos for us. Since I know there IS internet available in that hotel :)

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