Bus Number 7 doesn't need a guide! Crossing the minefield again.

Well, dear friends, another wonderful day - and still it's not over.

Yesterday after a shower, filling up the water tank, having som food and a couple of glasses of red wine we set off for the road to Dakhla in a really good mood. We knew it was long but after all this self-pampering we didn't care. We reached the turn-off point without any noticable event but we didn't feel like going to the campsite through the sandy piste at 1Am so we decided to push as long as we could, as cloce to the border as possible.

In the meantime we stopped at the sign of the Tropic of Cancer which was signposted by the organizers of Budapest-Bamako last year. We were pretty tired by this time so we stopped at the next fuel pump and went to sleep...

… our sleep was not long at all as Gyula wake us up at 5AM so we were off to the unpleasant Moroccan-Mauritanian border. Later on we knew this early wake-up was a really good decision.

I wouldn't go into details re. the border crossing, even though we were among the first vehicles and gave away some T-shirts to oil the process it took 2 and a half hours. Then the hard part - we are tough guys, we don't take a guide through no man's land, we did it several times before.

Well, the bus stuck in the sand obviouly. We took the shovels, sand plates, digging, trying, digging again - right on the mid-day sun. We were exhausted by the time we hit the rocky hard surface path again. The set for this performance was made by blown-up, burned-out cars, local criminals and smugglers. We had a great time.

The Mauritanian officers were even kinder than last year, they let the members of „Le Caravan De Humanitaire” on their way really fast.

A quick swim in the ocean and on the road again towards the lovely city of Nouadhibou. They say there's internet in the Al-Jazeera hotel, I'll send updates again.

Well, you know, the troubles and struggles are the best part of this journey. Sounds silly but true.

Welcome to Mauritania! Bon Voyage!

At the Tropic of Cancer:

We don't need a guide!

No man's land:

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