Bus number 7 already in Southern Spain

Bus number 7 currently goes full tear somewhere after Valencia to reach its destination today in Almeria. The bus runs really well, it's +20 degrees Celsius outside and bright sunshine. Irrespectively of the warm weather several members of the crew got hoarse since they were singing all day long thanks to the drinks they drank on the way.

The team already regret that they are in the touring category as they think they could beat anyone with this wonderful beast. Now they're not in a hurry, they enjoy the scenec vista and the goods carried by the bus.

The most serious technical problem yesterday: the fruit didn't come out of the liquor bottle. It seems that even the most prepared team can face a mean problem. After long discussions, international meetings and video conferences they solved the problem. We hope they switch to Spanish red wine from now on. An amateur shot of yesterday's accident.

Further news: the crew of the bus saved the Lidl gorcery store in Girona from bancrupcy with their shopping. Karcsi, the chef still cooking and the food is still excellent.

More news soon. Don't go far.

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