Tuesday News - Highways and more highways

Ladies and Gentleman, dear all, the Great Bus Number 7 here.

We all know you are hugry for news and we don't give you enough but the highways were not fully equipped with wi-fi so far. Not as the upcoming countries were so famous about wi-fi coverage of their roads, but at least we won't need to drive so much a day.

Anyways, we knew what we could expect, nobody was surprised that it was so monotone, you can only sleep and more importantly drink. So cheer and elation around, also the team members who really knocked themselves out are getting back nicely.

We reach the ferry in 2 hours.

The teams of one of our main sponsors (G’Roby) will catch up soon... we see other members of the touring category quite frequently. However they don't stop very often too so making friends and partying will be done in Africa in Ait Ben Haddou and later.

We plan to go further to Casablanca or Marrakech if we reach the shores of Morocco in time and they won't make any fuss in the customs. But that's the future.

Have a nice evening, kisses and stuff...

A couple of photos to make the blog more colourful.

Driver's seat with driver:


Bus number 7 parking:

Somewhere in Europe:

Near Perpignan, France:

Sunset in Murcia, Spain:

Karcsi fashion:

Spanish bus menu:

Technical innovation:

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