Relax in Nouakchott, fish soup and another bus-party. Bus Number 7 turns towards the Savannas.

Nouakchott, Hotel Sabha:

Well, in fact we haven't done anything today that we did in the past 9-10 days, we haven't even started the bus. Currently I'm sitting in a foldable chair on the rooftop terrace of the bus under the umbrella with a beer in my hand listening the sound of the ocean and writing the blog. Our motto for today: "file is hard".Mai jelmondatunk: „szar az élet”.

After I sent the report yesterday we went to the city with Karcsi nad almost died on the back of a pick-up truck when an idiot crossed road from nowhere - but this is completely normal here, we weren't surprised too much.

For all those who've never been in Nouakchott, the capital of Mauritania, some (subjective) words about the city:

- don't drive

- don't worry

- don't forget 2 expressions: 'no problem' and 'my friend'

If you take this seriously you won't have any problem. Incredible african chaos on the roads, tons of trash, dust and not a cheap place at all, since, I love it. I can't explain why but I do. But I still wait for the 3 free days in Bamako, an even better place.

Back to the facts: we've gone 'downtown' to visit the Marche Central this morning. This is one of the biggest handicraft markets in Africa. We bought some nice jewelery but rather wandered around. A good place if you know where you are and keep the above rules. Incredible amount of goods, no way to figure out what is the source of this and that and furthermore what is that for. Interesting.

When we got back the cars and bikes started to arrive into the camping site. The caravan of the organizers arrived too with its deadly tired crew. They told us that people in the competition category couldn't eat and sleep properly, and someone cheats re-painting and stealing the geocaching challenges they suppose to find. What a kind person, I think if they get him they bury him in the sand.

Lots of things coming up today, we hope our friends from Budapest arrive today, we wait for our friends and sponsors Robi and team but we have no news from them. I'll update you tomorrow.

(The update the next day)

Well, we didn't get close to internet yesterday, so I write this to you a day later from Kiffa. By the evening there were loads of vehicles in Nouakchott, we made a party too... a modest one considering we were in an Islamic republic (and it's a dry country). We could have done whatever we wanted but why would we hurt any locals even if we carry the money they need?

The Unimog with the G'Roby team arrived too, they 'played' in the sand for 3 adys, they were dead tired but satisfied. That's what they came for.

Karcsi made a fish soup with vegetables, needless to say it was fantastic, we (and the guests) ate it up until the last drop.

The road to Kiffa today was long but very interesting, we had everything in 11 hours, Sahara, savanna, rocky highlands... but it was enough for today.

So now we are in Kiffa, waiting for the teams, the competition category will arrive here too. I think they'll have some stories to tell...

Greets to everyone, we're fine, no worries.

Some pics to make the blog more colourful...

Fishermen's boat in Nouakchott:

Colours of work and colours of play:

Sort of a shop:

There's Unimog in Mauritániában too:

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